Reddish-brown half wig hairpiece (3/4 wig) with big loose curls: Anne


Long wavy reddish-brown half wig

Long, big, bouncy and blow-dried to perfection, without even leaving your house.  The best half wig you will ever own!  Add 27 inches of instant length, fullness, volume, and salon glam with Anne.  So easy to integrate seamlessly with your own hair and boost your hair confidence off the scale.

Made from the highest quality vegan fiber, which is so soft and silky, it feels like real hair.


COLOUR:  Reddish Brown #33  

WEIGHT: 270 grams

HALF WIG / 3/4 WIG LENGTH: 27 inches / 69 cms

DENSITY: Half Crown scalp coverage

CAP:  Soft cap with two flexible long combs for a secure and comfortable all-day fit

MATERIAL: Highest quality vegan fiber, which is so soft and silky, it feels like real hair

STYLE: Long wavy, layered, bouncy blow-dry half wig / 3/4 wig

How to put this on

Instant Glamour

Half wigs (also known as 3/4 wigs) are a fantastic way of looking totally glamorous in minutes. And what's so nice about half wigs is that your own hair still shows at the front and the rest of your hair blends in, so it doesn't really feel like you are wearing a wig.

Half Wig


Half Wig



Half Wig Construction

Half wigs are built around a lightweight, slightly stretchy mesh cap.

Attached to the cap are two long, flexible combs, one at the front and one at the back.

Half Wig

How To Wear A Half Wig

Our 3/4 wigs are very easy to fit. Here's how to put on a wig:

Step 1 :

Either make a ponytail (at the back of your head for short hair, or at the top of your head if you have longer hair) or simply pull your hair back.

Fitting Half Wig Step 1

Step 2 :

Place the front flexi-comb at the top of your head, and slide the comb firmly against your scalp. (For extra security, you can also attach the lower flexi-comb: to do so, hold the top of the wig in place while you locate the flexi-comb at the bottom of the wig and slide it up into the hair at the nape of your neck.)

Fitting Half Wig Step 2

Step 3 :

You can cover the seam with a headband... or style your own hair over the seam; with or without a fringe.

Fitting Half Wig Step 4b

Wear With Confidence

The combs are flexible and are comfortable to wear. They also do a fantastic job of keeping the hairpiece secure, so you can wear a half wig without worries. However, for those of you with very fine, silky hair you may wish to fix a couple of crossed over kirby grips on either side of your head for that extra sense of security whilst strutting your funky stuff. Or a little touch of back combing will also do the trick.

Care info

Helpful tips to keep your wigs and hairpieces looking new

There are lots of things you can do to to make sure your wigs and hairpieces last a long time. Here's our tips!

Washing your hair products

You can also wash your wigs and hairpieces to bring them back to life. Here's how!

Shipping info

Shipping Information

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