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Pink pinup style wig, with finger waves and a short fringe, 1950s style: Stevie
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dusty pastel pink #T2312purpley pink #T2520Jlight purpley pink #T2614J

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Coloured wigs

Arguably one of the most fun reasons to wear wigs and hairpieces: Coloured Wigs. No longer do you have to break the bank or your own hair to achieve these show-stopping looks as we offer a wide range of high quality, great value coloured wigs. Thinking of pink wigs? All you have to content with is which shade to choose: from hot neon pink all the way to dip dye baby pink wigs. If blue wigs are more your style, we have turquoise, washed out & true blue wigs or ones with added sparkles. The tones of our purple wigs range from deep purple wigs to delicate lilac wigs. Lovers of red wigs can choose between scarlet red wigs, deeper pillar box red or wine red wigs. Suddenly the rainbow seems a little dull! The only choice you have to make is which one first.