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Blonde 1920s 1930s style wig, short with finger waves: Diva
£27.99 GBP
champagne blonde #613golden blonde #24B

10 reviews
Brown bob wig, chic and stylish: Honour
£27.99 GBP
chestnut brown #8very dark brown #2dark brown #4mocha #10light chocolate brown #12golden brown #27+ 3 more

21 reviews
Short black bob wig: Josie
£27.99 GBP
black #1B

20 reviews
Blunt blonde bob wig with fringe: Gracie
£27.99 GBP
wheatfield blonde #24H613champagne blonde #613ash blonde with golden blonde highlights #24BBT18golden blonde #24Bdark golden blonde #LG26sunny golden blonde #24C+ 3 more

6 reviews
Platinum blonde bob wig: Carol-Anne
£27.99 GBP
platinum blonde #1001

11 reviews
Copper red wig, bob style: Siren
£27.99 GBP
red auburn blonde mix #BO

14 reviews
A short brown vintage style wig with waves: Rita
£29.99 GBP
chestnut brown #8golden brown #12/27dark brown #4

Short wigs

We sell a wide range of ladies short wigs. The iconic bob, be it razor cut, long or inverted is available in numerous shades and offers a highly polished look in an instant. The ultra-stylish Channel and Uma Thurman have ensured this simple, yet elegant style has remained popular throughout the decades. We also have retro ladies short wigs from the 20's and 30's and pixie cuts. Browse a wide range of short wigs in a variety of styles and hair colours. If you're looking for short wigs for women, you've come to the right place. #ladies short wigs uk