Since 2007, we have been on a mission to help give you the confidence that only fabulous hair can bring.

Our mission was born out of hours and hours spent at the hairdresser, and in front of the mirror trying to tease a marcel wave out of our hair only for it to flop as soon as we left the building!

We were being failed by our own hair, so we decided to change that.  We believe that everybody is unique and everybody deserves incredible hair that looks and feels fabulous – so we design wigs, hairpieces and extensions that are comfortable, easy to wear and most of all, beautiful. 

Through a combination of design and technology, and our years of knowledge of the hair industry we create wigs and hairpieces that will change up your hair game for good.

We’ve invented hairpieces that defy gravity!  We’ve created seamless lacefront wigs that look completely natural on. And we never stop in our mission to elevate your hair game everyday.

Welcome to the hair movement.