angelie jolie hair flick

You have found the wig of your dreams, now how do you put it on! We can show you in just a few steps for any length of hair, it really is that easy.

There are a few ways to put on a wig making sure that your hair underneath is not all lumpy and bumpy. Some are more complicated than others but oh if you don’t have time to pin curl all of your hair we can show you how to simply flatten your hair in a matter of minutes.

Before we get started, there is also the question – to wig cap or not to wig cap! It really is just a matter of personal choice. Although we would suggest wearing one if you don’t have much hair or no hair at all, as it helps to secure the wig. Or if you have a sensitive scalp as this adds an extra layer between your head and the wig.

Ok, so here is your expert, quick and easy guide on how to put on a wig:

1: Brush your hair to get rid of any tangles.

2: Take your hair and wrap it around your head to flatten it.

tie up hair

3: Use however many bobby pins it requires to secure it in place. A top tip is to turn the bobby pin the other way round so the sticking up a bit is next to your head that stops your wig from getting caught in the pins.

fix hair with pins

4: Once your hair is securely wrapped around your head, locate the back of the wig, where the tag is and hold the wig in both wands, one on each side of the tag and place the front of the wig at your eyebrows. Pull the wig all the way over your head and then slide the front of the wig back until you reach your hairline. It’s really important that you take the wig all the way to your hairline: otherwise, it can look like you don’t have a forehead!

putting on your wig straight

5: When your wig is in place with the front of the wig to your hairline. Run your fingers along the sides of the wig to find the two ear tags (they are generally near your temples) and make sure that the tabs are even – this is how you know your wig is straight.

6: Once your wig is at your hairline, the tabs are even and the wig is pulled down in the back and feeling really comfortable – you are done!

putting on your wig - fitted

How To Apply

1. Tie your hair up

2. clip up your hair

3. put the wig on and adjust the hairline

4. brush to look totally glam! (and accessorise if you want)

If you have a petite head, we have you covered as all of our wigs are adjustable. Inside the wig cap, you can adjust the size using the clips and make your own custom-fit to perfectly match your head size.

Now you know how to fit your wig like a pro check out our collection to find your perfect fit.