First time buyer?

If you are a first time buyer, we at Annabelle's Wigs want to do all we can to ensure that you choose the right style for you, whether it's for fun, fashion or necessity wear. Please email or telephone us with any questions you may have. We are always happy to help.

Which style is best for me?

If you want to work out which product is best for you, please use these suggestions as a rough guide to help you find a good look.

the right wig for triangular face shapes 


For those with narrow jaw lines it is often good to go for bobs and mid-length styles. You are effectively balancing your face by creating fullness around the narrower area or disguising the larger area with a fringe. So fringes and a chin-length styles, mid-length bobs and layers all work well. If your forehead also narrows aim to get some fullness here by choosing a piece with longer fringes and layers.

the right wig for square face shapes


If you have a square shaped face we suggest that you choose a piece that adds some roundness to the shape of your hairline and height at the crown or fringe. Avoid styles with straight lines and straight jaw-length bobs, as this will only accentuate square jawbones and angular lines. Pieces that add wispy edges and textured layers around your face and ears also soften a wide forehead and strong jaw line.

the right wig for oval face shapes


An oval face shape is considered the most versatile shape as most hair styles will look good. Although you're lucky enough to suit most hairstyles, avoid covering up your lovely symmetrical features by choosing a piece with a heavy fringe.

the right wig for heart-shaped faces


For a heart shaped face, choose a piece that'll create volume around the bottom half of your face. If you want a long hairstyle, choose a piece with soft, loose, curly locks and/or soft layers around the chin area, with layers as close to your jawline as possible. Avoid short, full pieces that emphasise your upper face, and ones with too much height at the crown, as this gives the impression of a longer, narrower chin. Straight fringes will emphasise a pointy chin but side partings provide an interesting asymmetry and can suit very well. Faceframe layered pieces can really suit a heart shaped face, as they create balance.

the right wig for round-shaped faces


For a round shaped face, choosing a piece with soft, ruffled layers on top to give a fuller crown is a good idea. A piece with a short, pretty, textured fringe or with an off-centre parting is also a good look and a long fringe swept to one side will add length. Avoid jaw-length styled pieces as they will make the face look even rounder. You can, however, go long - lots of waves and curls will suit well.

the right wig for round-shaped faces


It sounds obvious, but too much hair length, especially if it is straight hair, will make your face appear even longer. Ideally, keep styles at shoulder-length or above. Those with long faces should also avoid pieces with centre partings, as the eye will be taken down the middle of the face where it is longest. Fringes are good for long faces, as they make a face look more oval. Lip-length bobs tend to round out your face.