We all know that dry shampoo has been the best invention ever for making your hair look amazing when oh it should have had a wash two days ago – ok, maybe even more (but don't tell anyone)!

Not only can it make your own hair look fabulous but when you spray it on your synthetic wig, hairpiece, bun, extensions it takes away any shine making it look completely natural.

If you want to go all old school you can use good old-fashioned talcum powder, but it can get a bit messy, and with so many different brands of dry shampoo in a can you have so many to choose from. For blonde synthetic hair always go for a dry shampoo for blonde hair, as the shampoo comes out white it blends perfectly with blonde synthetic hair and for brown and black synthetic hair use the version for darker hair as, you guessed it, it perfectly matches the darker hair tones so you won't see any residue.

The best thing about using dry shampoo is that it is so incredibly easy to apply, and the results are fully instant.

1: Brush your synthetic wig or hairpiece to get rid of any tangles.

2: Shake the bottle of dry shampoo and then just spray all over the synthetic hair you want to de-shine.

3: Brush out the excess dry shampoo and ‘voila!’ shine-less hair.


If you have more time on your hands there are a few other ways to get rid of shine. Washing your synthetic hair in a wig shampoo is a great way to de-shine. Wig shampoos are designed with special agents to help remove any unnatural shine. Another great way to reduce the shine on your synthetic wig is to use a clothes fabric softener, the great thing about using fabric softener on your wig or hairpiece is that after its been rinsed off and dried your synthetic wig smells AMAZING!.

Just a little tip, if you are washing your synthetic wig never brush it when its wet as you will take the style out of it. Always wait for it to dry then you can give it a brush.