How to easily achieve brigitte bardot's iconic hairstyles (not even using your own hair!).

No one can dispute that Brigitte Bardot's iconic look is completely timless, from the way she dressed, her amazing hair, to the way she moved, she ozzed sex appeal.

Her big touselled hair became her trademark and ever since her look has been copied by women all over the world.

Now you can achieve two of her most iconic hair looks, without hours of styling and backcombing, even if you have shorter, finer hair its easy to achieve.


Get Brigitte's Half Up Half Down Look

Brigitte Bardot half up half down look 

One of the most classic Brigitte Bardot hairstyles is her half up, half down look. Combined with her bold cat eye liner and pouty lips, this look became her trademark style and is still emulated by Hollywood starlets like Lana Del Rey to this day.


 1: Tie your hair into a high ponytail. Fitting the Bardot hairpiece - step 1
2: Roll your hair around your volume piece Fitting the Bardot hairpiece - step 2
3: Slip the flexi-comb of your half wig underneath your rolled hair and secure it in place. Fitting the Bardot hairpiece - step 3
4: Accessorise (if you want) for full on Brigitte Bardot glamour. Annabelle's Wigs Bardot high crown half wig - Brigitte Bardot

Get Brigitte's Iconic Updo Look

 Famously nicknamed "the choucroute," Brigitte's beehive updo was one of her most iconic hairstyles.  Brigitte Bardot updo hair


1: Tie your hair into a messy bun at the top of your head.


2: Put the hair scrunchy over your bun, twisting it in place, just as you would with a hair bobble.


3: Mess it up a little for the perfect Brigitte Bardot updo