Fabulous Kelly Osbourne

Pastel Princess.

Just look who we have been playing with lately – the lovely Kelly Osbourne 🙂  Attending a multi-page fashion shoot for the U.K’s favourite Sunday magazine ‘Fabulous’, saw Kelly showing off her latest look and none too shabby it is either!  Her daddy might have been the Prince of Darkness, but we are delighted to see her shake off the darkness and embrace the light fantastic!


We thoroughly enjoyed our morning with Kelly and her favourite hair stylist, Lino Carboserio, and assisting with the creation of this stunning look was fascinating and a whole lot of fun! The hairpiece featured is Raspberry, treated to some serious backcombing, a good dose of hairspray, a crimping iron and considerable amounts of flair.  There has been a run on these gorgeous little  numbers since the article on Sunday, but they will be back at the end of October.  Your patience is appreciated and the wait will be well worth it 🙂