Lucille Ball, the famous American actress and comedian, was known for her distinctive poodle haircut during the 1950s and 1960s. The haircut, which featured tight curls on top and short sides and back, was a popular hairstyle of the era.

The Perfect Poodle Made Easy

Ever fancied that perfect vintage Poodle but either don't have enough hair or hours and hours to style? Lucille is our easiest hair piece yet!  You can create a beautiful updo in minutes and add volume and that wow factor in an instant.  Available in 10 colours so you can find your perfect match.

Lucille Ball hair poodle

Lucille Inspo!

We wanted to design a hairpiece that was easy to use, integrates perfectly with your own hair, looks completely natural, and also gives you all of the Bettie Grable vibes.

Glamour Made Easy: Lucille is crafted with comfortable, flexible combs, just slide her around your own ponytail or messy bun to create your perfect style.

hair poodle hairpiece - Lucille