Seriously Combating Holiday Hair Frizz.

Know the feeling?
Know the feeling?

You’ve spent months saving, probably dieting, invested in a couple of new bikinis and swathes of brightly coloured sarongs – what could possibly go wrong with your yearly break in exotic climes? Yes all you wavy and curly haired girls it’s the dreaded humidity hair frizz. As a curly haired girl myself I’m well aware of the horror, in no small part because the dreaded holiday snaps are always here to remind me!

Eck – say hair frizz freak!

As Benjamin Franklin famously (and somewhat irritatingly) reminds us “by failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail”. So ladies it’s high time to get cracking on your holiday hair strategy. When approached in advance you will find not only does the frizz abate, but you can give your hair a holiday all of its own.

Leave in conditioner with UV protection will feed your locks, but it’s not everyone who suits severely slicked back styles, which can leave you looking less Vida Loca and more Vida Limper! Luckily this year the ponytail is one of the hottest trends, the messy up-do remains high on the fashion charts and buns are being embraced all the way from the red carpet to the office and streets beyond.loca

The wrap around sleek pony provides loads of glossy volume and length whilst your own hair quietly gets on with being nourished underneath. Clip in ponies work in a similar way and are even easier to apply – just pinch and go! A faux bun adds instant old world glamour and again hides feeding locks from those drying rays.

It's time to tackle this sad plight - curly girls unite!
It’s time to tackle this sad plight – curly girls unite!

Half wigs also work wonderfully, instead of blending your hair over the join try a headband or scarf, so only the front portion of your slicked back hair is visible with masses of volume free to billow behind in the summer breeze.

We’re slowly learning to care tenderly for our skin in the sun (Brighton beach’s lobster men people aside), let’s extend that gentle hand to our lovely locks too ladies!