Approaching Hair Loss Positively.

Here at AW’s perfect hair HQ we’re no strangers to the reality of hair loss whether it be chemotherapy treatments, alopecia or trichotillomania the resulting loss can be devastating. As with many of life’s more testing moments retaining a positive outlook is a great approach, and it has been our privilege to meet a lot of strong women who have chosen this way forward . We’ve noticed there tends to be one of two directions clients choose when they discover the quality and texture of Annabelle’s Wigs. I’ve spent a little time with both groups and thought it might be useful to share my insights.

Camp 1 – Embracing the crazy wholeheartedly.

Thrilled there is an alternative to the high cost and conservative styling of the hairpieces they have so far come across, this group of women have decided there’s no point in hiding their hairpieces. Out and proud, going for full on and funky WIGS, these ladies know which styles they like and the colours that suit them.


Camp 2 – Recognizing the opportunity of having your hair anyway you want!

Perhaps a little newer to the hairpiece idea than their upfront sisters, this slightly quieter type are a joy to work with. Happier with a more subtler approach, and delighted with the realisation that they can swap and change their look as mood dictates. Hair for work, hair for play, hair for little make up and hair for glamarama days!


When life gives you lemons what are you going to do?