How To Apply

1. Using hairgrips, make a small bun at the lower part of your head and place your wig cap on. Glue down any fly away hair around your hairline with gel.

2. Adjust the clips to fit your head. Place her on and secure her tightly. Make sure she is exactly on your natural hairline and clip the hair off the lace.

3. With scissors, trim the lace around your natural hairline (not too close, not too far away). You can cut in zig-zags to make it more easily to blend.

4. Hairspray the hair to stick it to your face. You can blend the lace into your skin with a bit of makeup. Brush gently to look totally glam! (and accessorise if you want)

Thanks to @missbabydaisy for making this fabulous video explaining to you how to fit your lacefront - enjoy!