3/4 Wigs or Half Wigs

What is a 3/4 Wig?

From the US to the UK a great debate rages! We thought it was time to highlight this pressing issue as we field a lot of communication from confused clients both sides of the pond. Let's start by defusing any tensions: nobody is wrong! Half wigs, Half head wigs, 3/4 wigs, 3/4 hair extensions and 3/4 hairpieces are the same product. They differ from the typical wig by virtue of them being fixed into your hair just in front of the crown of your head and at the nape of your neck, blending in with your hair at the back, leaving your own fringe showing. 3/4 wigs are a great way to look totally glamorous in minutes.

Fabulous, Volumising 3/4 Hairpieces

Why people are loving them? There are a few reasons; first and foremost must surely be that they don't look like wigs. As the front of your hair is your own, blending into the hair piece from the crown back, your natural hair continues to frame your face. Volume is created from the crown out and back. You can play with height with high crowns and volume with different styles. As long as you have matched your hair colour carefully there is no reason that anyone will ever spot your little glamour assistant.

Simple To Put On and Secure

Secondly, they are a lot less fiddly than multiple extensions to fix in place and then remove at the end of the night. They can be put on in minutes - just slide in the flexi-combs at the crown of the head and the nape of the neck, then brush over to blend it into your own hair. See how to fit 3/4 hairpieces. Please do bear in mind that abandoning your new best friend on the floor after a hot night out will do nothing to help its longevity. We have care instructions on our web site, and remember a little care goes a long way!

A Wide Range of 3/4 Wig Styles

Thirdly, once you have your hair colour matched you can choose a variety of styles – dead straight, wavy or big loose curls. Whatever the occasion, you can have the hair you most desire in seconds! There are styles with highlights and this year sees our new coloured half head wigs. If you are seeking the latest trends, then look no further. Keeping our eyes on the catwalk and red carpet provides a wealth of inspiration, coupled with the high quality of our amazing hair pieces ensures our clients feel a million dollars when they step out in the world!

Whatever reasons you have for wishing for glamorous hair in an instant (and frankly who doesn't?) Do remember we are talking about the same thing whether they are called half wigs, 3/4 wigs, clip in hairpieces, 3/4 hair extensions, 3/4 hairpieces, bump hairpieces, 3/4 extensions, volumising hairpieces, 3/4 falls or even half head wigs!

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