How to Style My Wig

Instructions for styling the products in our collections.

Annabelle's Wigs Collection & Amy Child's Collection

On Receiving Your Hairpiece

Each style of wig / hair piece comes set in its own style, as seen on our website. When you take your piece out of its bag, give it a shake, as it has been dispatched to you gently sitting in its plastic bag it needs so be shaken to bring it to life.

On receiving your wig, to achieve the best looks we advise the following:

A tight or ringlet curly style
Give the hairpiece / wig a good shake and gently lift and separate curls with your fingers.

Wavy with loose curls
Give it a good shake, and if you wish, lightly comb using short lifting strokes, just enough to relax and shape your style.

fluff style or soft curls ( especially back and sides)
Give it a good shake, and with short upward strokes, lightly comb away from your face.

Give it a good shake, and lightly brush with long, even strokes, from the crown to the ends for a smooth, sleek look.

Brushing & styling

You can brush the pieces using either a paddle brush or a wide tooth comb. Always brush very gently.. You can use hair clips, bobbles and headbands on your wigs and hair pieces. You can also use hair spray if you wish.

Giving your hairpiece a long life

If you take care of your wig / hair piece the style can last up to one year.

Although not absolutely necessary we do suggest purchasing a shine / anti frizz spray. This can really help to prolong the life of your wig. All you need to do is to spray the ends of the piece once or twice a week.

DO NOT use heated appliances on this range of wigs and hair pieces as they are NOT heat proof.

Lino Carbosiero Heat Resistant Collection


Hair Straighteners

In collaboration with Lino Carbosiero, head stylist at Daniel Galvin's hair salon, we introduced a new Collection of hair pieces in 2011 that can be heat styled using temperatures up to 120 degrees.

When you style your wig or hair piece, please make sure your heated styling tools do not exceed temperatures of 120 degrees.

You can either use hair straighteners, heated rollers or tongs to style your Lino Collection hair piece. To straighten your piece, set your straighteners to 120c and run the appliance from the crown of the hair to the tip (just as you would your own hair). The most effective way to curl your Lino Collection Hair Piece is to set the hair with heated curlers, wait for them to completely cool then roll them out, to reveal the curls.

If you want to wash, or cut any of the pieces then please see our how to care for and how to cut pages.

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