Fitting Your Clip-on Ponytail Hair Piece Extension

The High Ponytail Extension Hairpiece is a fantastic way of looking totally glam in minutes. It is really easy to put on.

Step 1 :

Tie your hair up into a bun or bunch. It doesn't have to be done super neatly as it will be covered by the ponytail extension.

Fitting high ponytail clip on hairpiece Step 1

Step 2 :

Squeeze the claw clip on the high ponytail extension hairpiece to open it and attach it securely onto the hair bunch by fitting it around the bunch and releasing so that the claw clip grips the hair in the hair bunch.

Fitting high ponytail hairpiece extension Step 2

Step 3 :

The finished high ponytail extension hairpiece look.

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Fitting high ponytail clip on hair piece extension Step 3

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