Hair Colour Match Wizard

Finding your hair colour code is probably the most important thing to do before you buy. Need a little help finding your perfect match? Try our colour match wizard. Upload a pic of your hair and match it to our colour codes.

How To Use The Colour Match Wizard

  • Click the 'choose file' button below.
  • Select a picture of yourself (or just your hair) and our colour match wizard will load it in the frame below (if possible, choose a photo that is taken in natural light as photos taken with flash often distort colours)
  • Flick through our range of hair colours to find the one the most closely matches your own hair colour. Once you find a good colour match, click on the 'i' button, and it will show you the colour's code (i.e. #613)

When you browse our site, each product will show you which colour code, or codes it is made in, so you can be more sure that you are getting a good match. You can also type that code (i.e. #613) into the 'Quick Search' box, in the store's header and it will find you all of the products that are made in that colour.


If you've tried using the hair match wizard, and you are still not sure which colour matches yours, please contact us and we will do our best to help you to match your hair colour to our products.

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