No collection of inspiring style icons would be complete without the inclusion of this Hawaiian born beauty. Unsurprisingly this gorgeous lady made a fine showing on the “Sexiest Artist of All Time” list in 2013, number 8 – none to shabby Nicole! It has only been a few short years since the Pussycat Dolls disbanded, and Nicole's career has gone from strength to strength. For instance: a couple of MTV awards, Harvard University awarded her “Artist of the Year”, Simon Cowell (never slow on taking the public pulse) asked her to join the American X-Factor show – to mention but a few. Let us help you re-create some of Nicole's luscious locked looks with our amazing hairpiece extensions.

Nicole scherzinger: Big Hair

Nicole, we salute you queen of huge hair...nothing we can't handle though.

Giselle: 3/4 hairpiece extension

Working with the heat resistant (up to 120 degrees), this 3/4 hairpiece extension gives you every opportunity to recreate this outrageous hair-tastic look. Bring your curlers, back comb, tons of spray and one huge mirror!

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Nicole Scherzinger with big glamorous hair

Nicole scherzinger: long, straight hair

Cool, sleek and ultra sophisticated – wishing for frizz free locks? Look no further"

Nicole scherzinger with long, straight hair
Theda: 3/4 hairpiece

All 27 inches of this poker straight style is guaranteed to remain frizz-less no matter how high the humidity.

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Sophisticated, hair up

Positively oozing high fashion glamour and rocking Cengiz Abazoglu's utterly amazing design. Glorious stuff.

Pixi: hair gadget

There are lots of ways to employ this magical hair gadgetry, however central to the concept is the bigger is better – always.

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Nicole Scherzinger with her hair up

Long and Layered

Looking beautifully relaxed and yet still SUPER hot!

Nicole Scherzinger with layered hair
Aislynn: black half wig

There are a few options for this type look, depending on how wavy you like it. Check out the black 3/4 hairpieces to see the variations.

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