Miss Kardashian practices what she preaches: Glamour Glamour Glamour! This business savvy lady capitalized on exposure gained from the smash hit “Keeping Up with the Kardashians”, growing from strength to global fashion icon in a remarkably short while. Stylist to the stars, fashion and footwear business owner, model, wife and new mother! Let us help you keep up with this Kardashian's ever evolving looks with these simple to wear, yet devastatingly effect hairpieces.

Sleek Ponytail

Kim Kardashian rocks a super sleek ponytail, perfect from day or night.

Angela: Sleek Ponytail Hairpiece

Angela is the perfect match for this style. It's also heat stylable.

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Kim kardashian with sleek ponytail hairstyle

Long, wavy hairstyle

Subtle layers are cut around the sides and back of this look to compliment the sexy length.

Kim kardashian with long brown hair
Monica 3/4 wig

If you're fringe already matches, then Daisy is the 3/4 hair piece for you..

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Hair Bun

It's glamorous, yet simple; classic, but not stuffy. The bun is a timeless hairstyle - Kim brings it right up to date.

Artemis - Hair bun

Find an Artemis that blends with your hair colour and this sleek and beautiful look can be yours too.

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Kim Kardashian with high bun hair piece

Long, bright red hair

Kim Kardashian's signature waves get a Halloween update with a vibrant red hair color and half-up hairstyle.

Kim Kardashian with red wig
Gabby red half wig

If you're hair is already red, this beautiful 3/4 hairpiece will give you this long look in an instant.

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Alexis red full wig

Alexis is a full wig and will give you those long, red waves in a moment.

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