Hasn't this Tyneside lady done herself proud! From winning her place in the Girls Aloud line up to becoming an international pop and TV star in her own right. A globally recognised fashionista, she has graced the cover of numerous glossy magazines and also became the face of L'Oreal in her spare time! Her sartorial elegance has been praised by the mighty Vogue and winning 'Best Dressed Woman' for two years in a row couldn't have hurt too much. This northern beauty has bewitched millions, inspiring countless imitations the world over. Love her look? Here is a little help in achieving just that.

The long, wavy, brown high-lit look.

Cheryl's rich, deep brown with highlights and masses of volume is the most copied hair style in the UK.

Ella: Full Wig

For those who prefer a full wig in Cheryl Cole's style, we have Ella.

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Rebecca: 3/4 wig

For fans of the ¾ hair piece extension you can achieve Cheryl gorgeous look with: Rebecca.

Assuming your match the piece with your fringe all the volume and glamour can be yours in an instant!

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Cherly Cole long brown and wavy with highlights

The long, wine-red wavy look.

We love this style so much we cleverly blended existing colours to achieve a match.

Cheryl Cole long wine red wavy look
Monica 3/4 wig

this trademark Cheryl Cole look be emulated with the 3/4 hair piece, Monica.

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Cheryl Cole Full Wig

Or if you prefer a full wig the same blend can be found in her namesake piece: the Cheryl Cole wig.

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