Brentwood beauty Amy Childs, the most gracious celebrity we have had the pleasure of working with to date, has captured the press and public imagination with her Essex bling styling. A pretty shrewd lady when it comes to capitalising on her success in TOWIE, she now has a boutique, a salon, a clothing range and is of course working with our good selves on her amazing Amy inspired hair piece range. There is a whole lotta love for this special celeb in the room – keep up the good work girl!.

Amy in Annabelle's Wigs Half Wig

Amy is wearing our Ariel in this pic. Nice touch with the plaited headband, a fashion must that is has been going from strength to strength.

Ariel 3/4 hairpiece extension

Not just for mermaids it seems! Super easy to wear, adorning the heads of big hair lovers everywhere.

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Amy Childs in Amy half wig

Amy hairpiece

Designed by Amy and ourselves – so proud!

Amy Childs Calender photo
Amy: 3/4 hairpiece

The height integrated into the crown of this piece creates uber-volume with ease.

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Black Inverted Bob

Can something be smoking hot and quietly sophisticated? It appears so...

Josie black bob

The gorgeous bob, friend to so many different face shapes. The bob requires the least maintenance, but do check out our care instructions as it will keep it looking its best for longest.

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Amy Childs wearing Annabelles Wigs black bob

Sparkly Bob

It just wouldn't be Essex style without a few added sparkles.

Angel: Sparkly platinum bob

we have created a lightly sparkled version of this platinum bob with pearlised stands running throughout.

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Carol Anne: Platinum bob

Amy is actually wearing Carol-Anne, but has added her own sparkle.

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