Bob wig, short and beautiful: Josie


Date Added: 18/02/2020 by Rachel Brothwell
Absolutely fabulous.. worn comfortably all night
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Date Added: 01/09/2019 by Lindsey K.
Great wig, very natural looking. The fringe did need to be trimmed as it was a bit long but I personally don't mind that...

Date Added: 15/05/2019 by Lisa Farrell
I really really adore the wig it’s beautiful!!! I had to trim the fringe to shape as it was a bit messy and scraggy and didn’t feel it suited the wig, that would be my only negative. Thank you!!...

Date Added: 13/03/2019 by Liv
Great wig, looks exactly like the one in the picture. it's a classic Bob, very short, dark colour, comfortable to wear and nice quality. The fringe is a little bit too wild for my taste but you can cu...

Date Added: 23/10/2018 by Rayven Blue
This is my first purchase from Annabelle and I'm super pleased. The with is comfortable and looks fab. I'm already rummaging through the website to find my next one....
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Date Added: 15/09/2018 by Gabrielle Bartlett
This is my go to wig, been ordering this over the past two years it never fails me. Great natural texture....
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