Black bob wig, short, Louise Brooks style: Brooks


Date Added: 28/07/2021 by Susan S.
I shaved my head recently in support of my husband who lost his hair during chemotherapy. He passed a few weeks ago and I thought I'd try and recreate something for his funeral this week (otherwise i...
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Date Added: 15/03/2018 by Kate
Good quality wig for the price. Looks like its real and quite easy to put on

Date Added: 15/01/2018 by Katerina Tomrushka
This is indeed a great wig! Looks very realistic and holds well in rough winter weather - rain and wind. Have worn it for quite some time now and very pleased. Extremely stylish....

Date Added: 14/10/2017 by Susana Ferreira
Beautiful wig, super comfortable and an excellent quality. It fits perfectly, looks just like real hair. It will look wonderful for my Miss Fisher cosplay. Thank you so much!...

Date Added: 07/06/2017 by Cornelia Fuenfgelt
I love this genuine 20s look - had a great photo shooting with an artist from Munich...
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Date Added: 26/12/2015 by Courtney Askey
Really realistic feeling, good shape, and good quality
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