Pink-purple wig, curled with short fringe: Liana


To start, I would give 5 stars but I revised the wrong colour, I order Ilsa but got Liana instead. However I've actually fallen in love with this colour and decided to keep it!
The quality is amazing, its soft, it's a bit fiddly to style but you should expect this with the waves in the hair. The cap in the wig is comfortable and easy to adjust and stays in place all day!!
The only downside I can say is the hair line on the sides does come up high and will shown you hair underneath, but this isn't a problem for me has I have a shaved head and that kind of add to the punk/rock and roll style I like!
The confidence boost has been wonderful and I'm truly in love this wig.
Date Added: 03/04/2020 by Gabrielle R.

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