Black wig, with curled finger waves and a short fringe: Bettie


Date Added: 10/06/2019 by Jenelle Christie
I love her! She is beautiful and so far easy to use. I would recommend her to anyone. Size is good. Soft inside and the hair is thick but soft and manageable. So far minimal shedding. She is versatile...
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Date Added: 05/06/2019 by Amber fowler
Love, love , LOVE this wig! Silky soft- nice length though I shorten mine- looks more realistic the more wear it gets....

Date Added: 14/05/2019 by Sharon Cronin
Love love love it!! It's really good quality for the price. Can't Wait to wear it on a night out! ❤️...
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Date Added: 11/05/2019 by Carrie Batchelor
Love the cut of this wig!
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Date Added: 12/04/2019 by Laura Salmon
This wig is one of the best wigs I have ever bought. It barely sheds and it looks realistic! Perfect for that Inspired Bettie Page look!...
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Date Added: 22/03/2019 by Emily Lazcano
This is such a cute wig

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