Black wig, with curled finger waves and a short fringe: Bettie


This wig is by far my favorite wig that I have purchased, and I have purchased also from Trendy Wigs twice and Webster Wigs once. I will start with the pros; the wig, although thin, is actually perfect for a natural look without having to thin it yourself or restyle. It is soft, and it is also manageable with a wide tooth comb or a gentle bristle brush. The side hair covers my natural hair very well, and the bangs/fringe are easy to move around. For me, the wig is the perfect size, but I also have a small head so this may cause some trouble for others. As for the downsides, I will admit it sheds, and it does tangle a little easily, meaning this wig is best suited for relaxed days and nothing too strenuous, like maybe a fun photoshoot or just around town. Secondly, there are no combs in the wig cap itself, meaning you are strictly relying on it fitting your head with no added grip. If you have the skill or the availability, my recommendation is to visit a beauty supply store for some combs to sew in yourself and wear with a fishnet style wig cap to help keep it in place a little more. It's super cute with a form headband though that adds to the 50's style. Hope my review was comprehensive and helps some people decide if this wig is right for them!
Date Added: 07/01/2019 by New To Wigs

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