Dark brown wig, long, layered, tip flip style: Jenny


Throughout my teenage years I suffered from awful self esteem. Because of this, I was constantly changing my look from one extreme to another, usually via my hair. Despite how hard I tried and how stressed I became, I could never find anything I truly felt comfortable in or anything that suited me. I genuinely hated my hair for many many years and at 17 I thought I was destined to hate my hair forever, and so in frustration, I cut it very short. After noticing that the extensions I had been wearing for the last 3 years were beginning to cause my hair to thin in areas and that they looked ridiculous with my boy short hair, I thought about giving wigs a try in order to allow my own hair to grow without any stress being upon it via styling products or extension clips etc. I bought a few wigs from ebay, they looked beautiful in the pictures but once they arrived they all looked ridiculous and obvious that they were wigs due to their plasticy look and borderline comical hairlines. Around the time of my 18th, I somehow found Annabelles wigs and thought based on the good reviews I would give them a shot. I received my hair very quickly, 2-3 days is the norm with Annabelles I believe. Once I had receive my hair, I used hot water to straighten it as I wanted a poker straight style. The first few times wearing my Annabelles wig out, I was anxious. No one wants everyone around them to know they are wearing a wig and I feared I'd be laughed at as I had been in the past for my bad choices of hair. However, this time it was completely contrary, I started to get compliments on my hair! I got wolf whistled in the street! But most importantly, I felt confident in myself. I say this with no exaggeration - Fake hair could changed my life! Buying my wig from Annabelles in essence created my own little ugly duckling story. Jenny is my weapon of choice I have been wearing her for around 3 years now, I intended only to wear a wig / 3/4 wig until my natural hair grew to my desired length. 3 years down the line and my hair is now at that length, the only problem I face now is - I prefer the wig! These are the most natural wigs I have ever known. Annabelles wigs move naturally, feel natural, and most of all, look natural. Jenny can be worn both as a full wig or as I wear her, a half wig. Either way she stays secure all day. One main factor that makes me love these wigs more than my natural hair is the easy to achieve and easy to maintain volume. While my natural hair is thick, I require a lot of product to keep it looking voluminous around the crown, but even then after an hour or so it loses it's style and becomes flat again. With Jenny, I can wear her out to a club, go to uni, even work with animals as my course requires and my hair looks the same as it does in the morning with no one being non the wiser that I'm wearing a wig. Another thing I noticed a lot with extensions and other wigs is that they shed..A LOT. Annabelles do not tend to do this, however. I wash my wig every 3 to 4 days and use boiling hot water to straighten it. Hot water also helps keep the wig looking new and sleek. In conclusion: Without a shadow of a doubt, Annabelles wigs are probably the best on the market right now. If you are looking to grow your hair out but want minimal damage to your own hair: Annabelles. If your hair is unruly or does not keep its style: Annabelles. If you want beautiful hair fast: Definitely Annabelles. Or, if you just want to change things up temporarily: Annabelles!
Date Added: 19/05/2013 by Jo Roddis

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