Black wig, razor cut, face frame: Corina


Date Added: 10/12/2020 by christina n.
This is a very glam wig!I wasn't sure if I suit black hair but it's not black "fakey" colour, it's a nice soft black. It is quite long, but it's a wig I would wear for special occasions. The quality i...
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Date Added: 12/06/2018 by Kerry Storan
I am so pleased with this piece. I have spent three times the amount of money on wigs from other companies which haven't been anywhere near as realistic or as comfortable to wear. I am definitely goin...

Date Added: 08/09/2016 by Bridgette Higgins
Love all the wigs I've gotten from this site! They're perfect for cosplay!
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Date Added: 05/05/2016 by Samantha Sciuto
Love it! I'm currently platinum blonde but I used to have black hair and really started to miss it recently, this wig makes me feel exactly like I've got my old style back but healthier and fuller tha...
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Date Added: 13/04/2016 by Lauren Tomlinson
This was the first wig I ever bought. It did need a good wash and a lot of baby powder to get rid of the shine but it's a brilliant wig. Wear it with a hat and no one will know it's even fake...

Date Added: 29/03/2016 by Holly Hayman
This is a total rip-roaring bargain. The hair texture is so silky and realistic; it feels and looks exactly like you've had a great blow dry. The cut is almost perfect; there's a realistic, ce...
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