Long, blue-green wig: Morgan


So, I was looking around for a wig since I've gotten tired of extensions that's ruin my hair; And since I always have had crazy colors was it a hard time finding a seller that didn't had wigs looking far too plastic. So I ordered this. My expectations wasn't so great since it's synthetic hair and I was afraid that it would look far too un-natural. But oh god - I was so wrong!! It DO look very natural (besides the color, of course)! It may be a bit too shiny to look natural - but otherwise it's just perfect! The quality feels great and it seems like it won't be tangle too much! The color is just like in the picture and the shipping was SO fast! I'm so satisfied with my order! Thank you Annabelle!!! XOXO
Date Added: 23/05/2013 by Linda Martinsson

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