Kate Middleton inspired long, wavy, brown wig: Izzy


Date Added: 29/12/2019 by Natasha R.
A really lovely wig that has lasted me a couple of months. I only really wear it at weekends for the extra length and volume. After a few wears I did trim some of the tatty bits but it still works rea...
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Date Added: 14/01/2019 by Jennifer Leach
Absolutely love it!!

Date Added: 22/01/2018 by Gemma RD
Muy buena peluca. Un largo ideal y con una textura muy buena. Very good. A long ideal and with a very good texture....

Date Added: 14/05/2014 by Vivien Marno
Wanted this wig for a fancy dress party, I was the Catherine Zeta Jones character in the film Zorro for this purpose it was perfect....

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