Fitting Your Full Wig

Stretchy Mesh Cap

All our full wigs are fitted with an internal mesh cap which is 21.5 inches / 55cm in circumference. This is slightly smaller that the size of the average head. However, the wig mesh cap is also very elastic and is designed to stretch to fit a head that is larger than this.

Adjusting for smaller head sizes

All our full head wigs come with clip adjusters so they can be sized to fit anyone. The clips are located at the nape of the neck. The adjuster panel runs along the bottom edge of the wig and has a few loops or pockets on which to clip the clips.

When you receive your hair piece, the soft stretchy elastic strip with small clip at the end will not be clipped to anything, just held in place by a loop halfway down the length of this strip. There are loops running along the top of the piece of felt fabric that lies against the nape of your neck. These loops, or pockets are stitched into the thin ribbon-like fabric found just underneath the Annabelle's Wigs label. To tighten the cap, you attach the clip onto the loop that is right for your head.

To tighten the base of the wig, simply move the adjusters towards the label in the centre of the nape panel. Do this in small stages and keep trying the wig on to avoid over tightening.

It is important to get the fit right. If the wig is too tight it can start to ride up and feel like it is coming off. Similarly, if it is too loose it can cause the wig to move around and feel insecure. Always make sure that the wig base never covers your ears, it must always lay flat to your head.

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