Finding our Office

Annabelle's Wigs hairpiece heaven is now located in Industrial House, Unit 1, Industrial House, Hove, East Sussex.
We are not a shop, so appointments are essential if you're planning on visiting us as we're not always in the office, however you are always very welcome to come and try out a new look (we have a mirror) - just contact us before you come so we make sure we're here when you want to come and that we have what you are after. Please do check out our online shop before you come so that you have a good idea of the style you seek - we can colour match you upon arrival. We are usually in the office Mon-Fri between 9am - 4.30pm.

Address: Unit 1, Industrial House,
Conway Street, Hove, Sussex.

how to find our office - map

Directions: Conway Street is just a few minutes walk west of Hove train station. Our address is Conway Street and our building (Industrial House, which is a 70's looking building with pale blue panels underneath the windows) is (unsurprisingly) on that very street, next to a large, silver grey building called The Agora, and just over the road from the Brighton & Hove Bus and Coach Station. However the two road entrances to our building's car park are not accessed via Conway Street. Running parallel to Conway Street is Ellen Street and you can drive straight up to our front door from the entrance on Ellen Street. There is also a Fonthill Road entrance which runs at a right angle to Conway Street and brings you into the far end of the estate, with our door at the end on your right. Our front door, situated in the corner of the inner courtyard, is a double door painted deep blue.

Don't hesitate to give us a call on 01273 728734 to make an appointment to come pay us a visit, or to talk you in if you're already on route and need a bit of extra help with directions!

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