Blogger Challenge - Sammie Earth

This week, we welcome our fave new blogger discovery, Sammie from

We sent her a Chelsea half head hairpiece and she created some fantastic styles with it. See what you think...

Fishtail Plait

Step 1:Pull the piece around to the side and start to plait it by splitting it in two sections and taking a piece from the outside of the the first section and bringing it to the middle.

Step 2:You then do the same from the other side and carry it down to the end.

Step 3:Make this plait a little looser by just teasing it out a little bit so it is a little more messy.


Milkmaid Braid

Step 1:Just apply the hair piece as normal and then plait it at the back.

Step 2:The next step is very easy - just pin it around your head, from the bottom and then end it near your crown.

You could do both sides so that you have one on each side of my head, Princess Leah style-e.


Swept To The Side

Step 1:Apply the hair piece and backcomb the top section of your own hair and tie the hair piece up.

Step 2:Pull a few bits down and curl them with some straighteners (only use straighteners with a setting for synthetic hair).


Name:Sammie Earth


Dream Job:I'm still trying to work that one out!

Hair Must Have:Salt spray - I love using it to give me beachy waves.

Hair Idol:Alexa Chung - she always looks gorgeous!

Hair Signature Style:Down with a middle parting - some loose waves.


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