X-Factor uses Annabelle’s Wigs

Beauty & The Panda

We are no strangers to seeing our hairpieces transformed by the imagination of stylists into all manner of weird and wonderful visions.  However we have to thank Jamie Stevens for his creative panda panache witnessed by millions of viewers on Saturday night’s X-Factor!  We knew our cute little bob Carol Anne had bags of appeal, but we were so touched by this adorable transformation that we would like to donate £1 of every purchase of the Carol Anne wig for the next 30 days to the W.W.F.

Jamie’s myriad Karl Lagerfields and Anna Wintours saw our Dolly put to show stopping use!  Gary might not be a fan of Rylan’s voice, but who could resist this monochromatic tableaux with its tongue firmly in its cheek?  Back on the catwalk – just where we like it 🙂