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Thula Sindi’s Revolutionary Woman

Break a Leg Thula!

African designer Thula Sindi is exhibiting his ” A Revolutionary Woman” collection in Mercedez-Benz’s South African fashion feast starting yesterday – and we’d like to wish him best of luck with it!  How can we fail to love a man who has this to say about his work:  “My collection is inspired by a woman taking strides to get where she wants to be. She is glamorous yet rigorous…”

Helping women get where they want to quickly!
Helping women get where they want to quickly!

African Fashion International informs us Thula’s collections are based around (very sensible) principles: wearability, quality, accessibility, style and quality.  How I would love to get my little mitts on a piece or two to be able to definitively confirm the depth of quality (but really, we know when we know, don’t we girls!)   He has also been described as “taking you into a magical fantasy and capturing your imagination” and I rather fear my wish has already taken me into a fantasy world….for this year anyhow.  Next year is a whole other year *Mwhhhhhaaaaaaaa

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!!

Love Annabelle xxx