Applying The Eylure Lashes


Fitting Lashes Before

Holding the eyelashes in the middle with the tweezers, check the length against your eye. Lashes should begin a little from the inside corner and not go beyond the outer edge of your eye. If you need to trim the lashes to fit, trim from the outer edge so that the lashes retain a natural-looking length.

Step 1

Fitting Lashes Step 1

If your lashes need glue applied, apply glue from the middle of the lash outwards to the ends. Add a little bit extra to the ends to help keep lashes in place and prevent peeling during use. Be careful not too apply too much. Wait for 30 seconds or so for the Lashfix to get slightly tacky.

Step 2

Fitting Lashes Step 3

Hold the lash as close to the natural lash line as possible and gently press the lash in place working from the inside corner across and holding both ends in place as you do so.


Fitting Lashes Tweezers

Tweezers make the application of false lash much easier as it gives you much more control.


Fitting Lashes After

If you want to wear mascara on your natural lashes, apply a little after you have applied your false lashes. Then simply blend the seam of the strip lash with your make-up - powder eyeliner or a dark eye shadow is great.

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