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Reward Points

We wouldn't be anything without you! As a thank you to all our loyal customers we've created a Reward Point system so you earn as you spend. Then it's up to you whether you spend less on each purchase, or save up your points and splurge when you want a proper spoiling.

How Do Reward Points Make Prizes?

When you make an order on our website, you earn reward points. For each pound you spend on a product, you win 1 reward point. So, if you purchase a 3/4 wig for £30.99, you would win 31 reward points. You can then use these reward points to get a discount off a future purchase. This table shows you how the number of reward points relate to the discount you can then receive:

Reward Points Required Discount
85 5%
155 10%
225 15%
290 20%
325 25%
390 30%

How Do I Receive My Rewards?

If you have some reward points, at checkout, there will be a reward points box which will show you how much of a discount you could receive and gives you the choice of whether you want to use your points to get the discount.

If you want to use the reward that it offers, then click on the 'Use This Reward Points Discount' check box and then click 'Refresh'.

how to receive your reward 1

You will then see the 'Shopping Cart Contents' box rebuild, showing your discount.

how to receive your reward 1

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