3/4 or half wig hairpiece extension, light brown, wavy: Lexi

£30.99  £25.99 : 16% off

Absolutely LOVE this item, purchased Saturday afternoon and was pleasantly surprised to find it had already arrived Tuesday morning! This is the first one I have bought and am really pleased with how real it looks once in, it's artificial hair but unlike others it isn't 'wirey' or 'too shiny' it really looks great, its a PERFECT colour match to my own hair, and is layered really well too. Being a hairdresser/barber myself I can recommend to anyone considering buying from AnnabellesWigs to GO FOR IT, you won't be disappointed. Also visit their Twitter page for more pictures which show the hair pieces on customers, they look great!
Date Added: 19/03/2013 by Nicole Taylor

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