Black half wig hairpiece extension (3/4 wig), straight: Theda


This is my 5th annbelles, but my 1st time I've ever bought a straight one. Blended in brilliant with my own hair, was a bit worried because obviously curly and wavy wigs are less noticeable to people that they are wigs however no one even noticed this was a wig! Was brilliant! When I told people they couldn't believe it! The hair was smooth and was a brilliant length, didn't come out of place once! (That was me swinging my head about dancing!) I find it best to backcomb a bit of hair to grip the combs when putting it in then that's you! Recommend this straight wig to anyone, and the curly/wavy ones! All of them are brilliant I can't go on a night out without one now! Thanks annabelles! :-)
Date Added: 25/04/2013 by Katherine Gardiner

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