Black 3/4 wig hairpiece (half wig), straight, layered: Cerys


Summary: This wig is perfect for beginners, feels great right out of the bag and gives my fine and thin hair a natural looking boost!

Full review: I'm not exaggerating when I say that a 3/4 has changed my life. I've always had fine hair, but recently due to illness I lost most of it. It's stating to grow back but I was still feeling very self-conscious about it. These wigs are so natural looking and feel great too. Only one person was able to distinguish the difference and he was a senior hair stylist so I would have never of fooled him anyway! I first bought Aislynn and that was my first ever hair piece (I've never used extensions before, my hair is too fine for something like that) but because I'm such a newbie the hair was damaged not that long after purchase. I knew this was my own fault and came straight back to Annabelle's Wigs to buy another, the much shorter and easier to manage Cerys.
Even with my fine hair the join at the top of the wig is easy enough to hide. Because of the lack of thickness of hair on my own head I have to use some grips for extra security when I put it on but that's not a bother. I've learned from my mistakes and will take care of this next piece properly and follow the care instructions (don't use a plastic brush/comb!) and I don't think it will be long before I purchase my third 3/4 wig.
Date Added: 29/11/2014 by Natasha McLatchie

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