Black 3/4 hairpiece (volume wig), big loose curls: Suzie


I love this i just put it in today and i think its amazing... i have spent 1000s on extensions before i have tried every kind of extension there is.. And i can honestly say this is my fav by far it is so easy to put in long and thick and lush and full i have always had curly hair so always found no matter what extensions i had it always never looked the way i wanted it... i cant recommend it enough the price is amazing and it looks great i would say it also looks much better then the picture to.. i really do love how easy it is and love the fact you can still wash your own hair with no glue or loops ect and its damage free unlike other extensions i reverted back to clip ins after all my fuss with glue ins ect but hated the time it took for me to put them in this takes seconds im really glad i found this site and brought this i have now also brought another 3/4 as i think there amazing x
Date Added: 06/08/2013 by louise ginman

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