Wavy 3/4 hairpiece, black & purple, loose curls: Indira


I bought this 3/4 and I'm totally stoked about it! I perform with a blues band for a living- and getting ready for concerts can take hours. Now it takes like...2 minutes. This matched perfectly to my haircolour, L'oreal Paris- noir Fatale Depest Plum NF03. If anyone is looking for a seamless natural hair to wig hair transition. that box colour matches this wig. Because the synthetic hair is quite shiny, I've taken to spraying my natural hair at the front with some Got2b Spray shine. It puts the whole look together with class and ease. A simple hairband also goes a long way. I am totally hooked on 3/4 wigs. I wish that the other styles came in this colour ( especially the Giselle with flexihair)! It's such a great look in the sun. Thanks for making a great product.
Date Added: 05/01/2014 by Tara MacKenzie

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