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So much to tell you!

We Just Had to Shout About!

We are very excited about the marvellous changes to our web site, and wanted to let you know there are even more updates, additions and improvements in the pipeline.  So keep your eyes peeled and excitement levels at a manageable level – you don’t want to peak to soon!  

All these technical alterations haven’t dented our passion for invention in the least and we are currently watching our brand new, fastest ever selling half wig Annie fly off the shelves!  Our New Products pages are packed with amazing new pieces; dip-dyes, half wigs, and our  fabulous new collection with the gorgeous Amy Childs!    We have been working with this lovely lady for many months perfecting the range and are delighted with the big hair, buns and ponies available in a choice of 7 colours.

You will no doubt have spotted the changing over of our faithful model head to a real model’s head, and hope you are enjoying the process as much as we have been.  Photo-shoots might be a little hectic, but they are always a lot of fun and the latest shoot is ready for the editing suite 🙂   I will try and wrestle an image or two for you from our tech team before it goes live so you can have a taste of things to come.

Until then….carry on being fabulous!