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Bigging it up for our man Lino Carboserio and his shiny new M.B.E!

2014 – What a start to the year!

Happy New Year indeed 🙂   Huge congratulations to our favourite stylist to the stars and mentor to many: Lino Carboserio.  We knew he was made of special stuff when we were working closely together on The Lino range of heat resistant hairpieces.  His wealth of experience and excellent common sense were invaluable in bringing about our premium range in a timely fashion.  What we didn’t really expect was how utterly disarming and thoroughly charming our super stylish new friend would prove to be, as if an Italian man could be anything less????

Lino Carboserio holding court with our lovely models.
Lino Carboserio holding court with our lovely models.

Our last photo-shoot at Daniel Galvin’s salon in London was far too much like fun to be called work.  Knee deep in glamour and positively dripping with gorgeousness – the buzz was palpable, no doubt assisted by the freely flowing champagne!  The models looked amazing in their newly designed hair pieces: the versatile plait, sleek pony, half wig and bun shown in the pic above.  God bless ’em they didn’t stray to the tasty buffet once, it was then I realized being a model wasn’t my calling 😉

We couldn’t be happier that our friend has been honoured publicly for his charity work and his efforts in bringing about regulation to the as yet unregulated world of hairdressing.  Have you ever experienced the horror of a poor haircut?  Might sound like the beginning of a joke, but if you have been on the wrong side of the scissors it is anything but.  So hats of to you Lino, we’re so proud of you.

Love Annabelle xxx

P.S. Just wanted to point out Lino styled his sleek ponies low down- it took the rest of the fashion world another 13 months to bring this chic style to the catwalks – go Lino go!