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Dressing Up with Added Sparkle

Properly Fancy Dressing Up Games.

Party time is edging nearer and it’s high time we got to grips with the No.1. essential for this festive time of year (kisses under the mistletoe aside) – SPARKLES SPARKLES and more SPARKLES!!!  Fortunately this year we have the happy coincidence of highly trending and famously sparkly Gatsby-esque style at precisely the moment when sparkles are most in demand.  Can life get any better?  Well, it can when you bear in mind that one of the most popular fancy dress outfits is the roaring 20’s flapper girl!   So when you feel you’ve had the best out of your gorgeous outfit, when fashion has turned its searchlight onto another era, purchase or create a few accessories and hey presto you’ve got yourself a thoroughly fancy dressing up outfit.

Don't Flap Dressing Up for Xmas and Beyond.
Don’t Flap Dressing Up for Xmas and Beyond.

The gloriously roaring 20’s provided the inspiration for the close set curls of Diva, Cassie and the brand new Lucia in dark blonde.  These chic little numbers are fantastic addition to your wigrobe, and are beloved of our burlesque clients, fancy dress aficionados and am-dram starlets.  The Brooks was created following a bit of a love in with the 20’s silent movie star Louise Brooks, and let’s not forget fashion guru and ultra style icon Isabella Blow championed this style, so you know you’re keeping very good company stepping out in this surprisingly natural looking hairpiece.

Some great tips for ensuring perfect makeup to be accompany this style can be found on PixiWoo’s YouTube tutorial:

For  budget sensitive options regarding the headdress the following eHow YouTube video makes for sensible viewing:

Picking up a pair of cheap pumps is absolutely fine for the flapper look, however if you can afford to invest in some gorgeous T-Bar shoes you will no doubt find a hundred uses for them afterwards.  A cigarette holder completes this costume perfectly, but careful you might be told to stand outside!

Remember folks sparkles aren’t just for Christmas – shine on!

Love Annabelle xxx